ECA Conference 2016

Hey Gang!

This week I am so pumped about fitness! I just got back from the 25th anniversary of the ECA, East Coast Alliance International Fitness Conference. Carol Scott does an amazing job at putting this together.

Every year there is so many new classes, lectures, products, and plenty of opportunities to continue your education. No matter how long you have been in the industry it is extremely important to continue educating yourself and keep up with new trends and ideas. Of all the things I learned, here are 3 basic tips I was reminded of that can have a huge impact in your life. Again, it wasn’t something I didn't know but going to the conference brought them to the forefront of my mind with a different spin.

  1. Working out 30 minutes a day and then sitting the rest is not going to cut it for weight loss. Most people sit at their desk 8 to 10 hours a day, not to mention how many hours they watch television a night. Len Kravitz has been in the industry a long time and he was avid about getting people to move throughout their day. Let’s get creative and think of ways to get up. For example, stand up and walk around while on a conference call. Make sure to get up a walk when drinking water. Try to walk outside and get lunch and park as far away as possible. While watching TV, get up during commercials and move around. Working out is wonderful but don't under estimate the power of moving, and moving often.

  2. Breathe. Yes that is right, breathing deeply and slowly is so important to do not just while doing yoga but throughout your day.  It is away to check in with yourself, become present in the moment, calm down and balance your body and mind. It is so simple, but just taking three deep breaths in and out before stepping into a big meeting or presentation can get your head into the game. Or, if you feel yourself getting angry or stressed before saying anything take a step back and take some breaths, it will  make a huge difference. I promise you if we just take a breath it would solve so any things.

  3. As far as working out, HIIT training is here to stay.  High intensity, interval training is a great way to burn calories in a short period of time. There are so many varieties and types that your bound to find one that you like. Some are purely endurance and others that incorporate weights or full body weight movements. You can even choose your times from 20 minute workouts to 90 minute. So as you can see, we have really gotten creative with this style of fitness.  Keep in mind when picking a workout, besides finding one you like, that your intensity is an individual thing and you shouldn't try to keep up with anyone else. You can get motivated by the people around you but make sure you are doing the movements correctly. And then go for it! This should be something you look forward to and you can also do workouts on your own if you prefer. There are plenty of workouts online or on demand.

Well, there you are… my top 3. Have fun, and keep learning and moving.