Stress Free Family

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Stress free Family… is it possible? Is it probable? Is it Holiday?

Well you know what I always say...

Can't live with them… can't kill them.

Only kidding, I never say that, we'll maybe sometimes to get a laugh.

I love holidays and family gatherings. They are all kinds of messy, filled with so many unique personalities put under one roof for an intense period of time.

It is your choice whether or not you have a good time at the festivities this year. You know too much now, you know that you are in charge of how you feel and react, and you can't go back. We are going to put on our excitement caps and get the party started with some fun tips on how to get the most out of hanging out with the fam...

I searched high and low and low and high for some great advice from my friends, and experts in the field to come up with two awesome people.

Now introducing Jennifer and Matt… two of the most incredible people on the planet. They both have been angels in my life.


First up.


Matthew LaBosco is “the founder of a revolutionary physical rehabilitation clinic called The Vitality Center in Pasadena, CA. He is the creator of the discipline Corrective Movement Therapy and has taught practitioners all over country. Matthew is a licensed Conscious Transformation Trainer(TM) and a certified Conscious Transformation™ Energy Practitioner that has integrated the power of the Conscious Transformation Program into his work with clients.

Matthew works with people seeking to eliminate physical pain, manage stress, and create a life full of health and vitality. His passion is contagious and he believes that anyone is capable of empowering themselves to create a life full of vitality.” Doesn’t he sound amazing? Well he is. Check him out at his website here:


Here is the amazing advice he has for you all:

The key to managing the holiday stress of being with family is managing expectations and accepting what is. More often than not we look at the impact our family is going to have on us - ie: "So and so stresses me out", etc. - Here are a few strategies for creating some freedom and peace this holiday season is:

1) The practice of acceptance: Accept your family for who they are and don't EXPECT something other than they are capable of giving you.

2) Ask yourself how YOU CHOOSE to show up with your family and activate this in your being.  Example, I choose to show up as: Acceptance, Compassion, Joy, Gratitude, etc. - and how you are choosing to show up and experience the holidays is not contingent on how THEY are choosing to show up

Finally and probably the most important, make sure you are not doing ANYTHING this holiday season because you feel like you "have to" - the space of obligation is a space that will drive you into the ground and lead to resentment and in some cases hatred.  If you can't CHOOSE to engage with your family from a place of Acceptance, Love, Joy, Compassion, Gratitude, etc. - then I invite you NOT to engage and do something else.

Choose peace and freedom this Holiday Season, it is in your hands :


Here comes Jennifer...

Jenifer Shapiro is from the Empowerment Center, which “offers Empowerment Coaching/Counseling, Spiritual/Shamanic Counseling, Integrative Healing methods, Trauma Release Method Work, Craniosacral and Spinal Release Method work, NLP, Regression work, Gestalt Therapy, hypnotherapy, therapeutic trancework, yoga, meditation, nutritional and whole foods counseling for optimal health, clinical homeopathy and more. Working with the whole person from empowerment through emotional release to physical healing from dis-ease and more. Also empowering entrepreneurs through solid business coaching with a holistic premise.” Check it out here:

Jen really knows about creating a balance in your life and gives some great advice about how to get your family to feel special:

"One of the best ways to approach family challenges at the holidays is with curiosity.  If you have difficulty communicating with a family member, try a new tactic by asking new questions about them.  Learn how the past year has been for them and try to find a topic they are excited about.  Enjoy learning about your family this season.  When we are in a mindset of learning something new, it's much easier to release the past naturally."


Thank you Matt and Jen.

I know my peeps are super ready to hit the family gatherings.

Whatever you are doing this holiday weekend, I send you so much joy, love, fun and patience.

I am so grateful for you, and I can't wait to hear everything.  


Sandy Weston