The Insomniac's Nightmare: Post Election

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Hello World,

How are you feeling today? Are you still in denial of our new President or are you just happy it is over so we can move forward with whatever we got? Oh yes… and I know there are some... many... that are happy with our new leader.

For me, and my piece of the world in Philadelphia, I am surrounded by many sad people who just can't believe the direction our country has taken and are crying for America… because they love it so much.

Well, what is my pippy skippy, positive answer?? Here it is:

It is ok to be sad, in pain, cry, disappointed, mad, angry, and shocked.

But then we have to dust ourselves off and remember who we are and what we want to be in the world. What as an individual we stand for, how we want to treat people, and see people with open minds and open hearts.

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We have elected other presidents that a large portion of the country did not support, and we are still okay now. It is still a beautiful fall day today.

Whether you are happy or sad, what are the next steps to bridge the divide and create a great country?

  1. Write it out. What do you really truly want. What do you believe our president won’t fulfill, and what do you believe he will?

  2. Research. If you want to take action and stand up for what is right, then research is the first step. If you aren’t already, get to a point where you are knowledgeable, about BOTH sides. Then research how to take action, whether it is through a group, newspaper, or emails.

  3. Take action. Get out there and do your part for the country. It is up to all of us, not just one man to make the country great again.

  4. Be open to others. None of these suggestions will help if you are coming from a place of fear and hate. Come from love. Understand other people’s points of view, and do not get caught up in the hate that is spreading and creating a divide in the country. Nothing gets done, especially safely, when we are coming from hate. I love this country. Let’s stand up for it because we love it, not because we hate others.

  5. Meditate. At night when I can’t sleep because of the election, I have been heavily relying on meditation lately to help me fall asleep. Calm your mind. Tomorrow’s another day.

Because at the end of the day what truly matters, and does make true impact in the world, is how we show up. Are you loving, kind, forgiving, generous, sympathetic, understanding, open minded, joyful, fun, and happy people… most of the time? Or when things don’t go your way does the… well, I don't have to list all the negative stuff... but do the claws come out?  And it is all ok, it is part of being human. I just want you, especially now to remember what you want for the world and then shine that light bright.

Remember friends, when you know what you don’t want it shows you even more what you do want and let’s focus on that. Let's see how strong our lights can get.

Sending you much love and joy

  • SJW

Sandy Weston