May’s Scribble Scrabble

Each month I will bring you a book that is short, easy to ready, but packed with useful information. Take the next step to getting a better night's sleep by adding these books to your reading list. Reading before bed does help you sleep better after all. 



Dr. Rick Hanson



These days it’s hard to count on the world outside us. So it’s vital to grow strengths inside like self-worth, patience, kindness, and joy. These make you resilient: the foundation of lasting well-being in a changing world.

With his trademark blend of neuroscience, mindfulness, and practical psychology, New York Times bestselling author Dr. Rick Hanson (with Forrest Hanson) shows you how to deal with stress and pursue your dreams with a deep sense of capability and contentment.

Based on the successful Foundations of Well-Being program, as well as 30 years of clinical practice and teaching, this practical guide to reliable happiness is full of concrete suggestions, experiential practices, personal examples, and insights into the brain. It also includes many ways to handle conflicts with others and have more satisfying relationships.

Warm, encouraging, and down-to-earth, Dr. Hanson’s step-by-step approach is grounded in the science of positive neuroplasticity. He shows you how to overcome the brain’s negativity bias, release painful thoughts and feelings, and replace them with self-compassion, hope, and inner peace.