August's Scribble Scrabble

Each month I will bring you a book that is short, easy to ready, but packed with useful information. Take the next step to getting a better night's sleep by adding these books to your reading list. Reading before bed does help you sleep better after all. 

The Magic of Thinking Big

by David J. Schwartz

August is a time for reflection. Before September hits, along with school, opportunities, and a new start, we're often ruminating on our own goals and ourselves. 

In The Magic of Thinking Big, David Schwartz tells us that the formula to success is not necessarily being smarter or working harder, but getting into the right head space. You need to believe you can achieve your goals in order to get to them, and he cites many examples of the most successful people who have followed this principle.

This book teaches you not to be satisfied with the mundane, or to accept your current circumstances because some dreams are 'too big' to go after. It gives you the right tools to get into the right mindset to help achieve your goals and see the bigger picture.

I've come back to this book many times when I feel unsure of what I want, or too scared to follow big goals. This book gets me right back into the right headset. No goal is too big or too small to achieve—you just need to follow the right mindset in order to get to it.